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A: BiGAUSTIN is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive training services, one-on-one assistance, and loans to individuals who want to achieve self-sufficiency by starting their own small business. BiGAUSTIN’s education program includes classes designed for those interested in starting a new business or improving their existing business, and covers a vast array of important topics such as credit management and effective marketing techniques. BiG also provides a range of loan services specifically designed for people looking for an alternative to traditional bank loan programs. These loans offer a more flexible payment structure, competitive interest rates, and a wider lending range than is usually available for an aspiring entrepreneur.

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Commercial Small Business Loans

“Demand for apartments is falling as local employers slash jobs and more renters double up or move back home with parents.” (Job losses hurt suburban [Chicago] apartment occupancy, rents)

It’s more important than ever for multifamily property investors to choose the appropriate (1) property, (2) financing, (3) rehab team, and (4) property management firm.

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How To Find Best Hair Extensions For Short Hair

Stylishious Salon is one of the newest salons in the Tri-Valley area, with magnificent views of the Livermore Valley.

Our stylists and colorists are highly educated and experienced, and keep up with the latest trends in cuts and colors. They add artistic and personal touches to provide each client with a cut, color, or style that is uniquely theirs and ensure their clients are satisfied with every visit.

We offer a variety of skincare services as well. Our makeup artists provide full-face makeup application, special event makeup, and consultation, and our tanning artists provide UV-free spray tanning using top of the line solutions, so clients always walk away with a perfect, golden tan. Our latest addition to the salon is a private spa room, in which an esthetician provides customized facials to address each client’s needs and personal skin goals, and a waxing specialist offers facial and full body waxing services.

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Skin Cancer Pictures

“Okay, okay…So what does the SPF number mean?” (ex: SPF 30)

Basically, that means your skin would be able to tolerate

sunlight 30 times longer than it would without sunblock.

“I still don’t get it…”

Say it takes 5 minutes for your skin to turn red (burn).

Then with SPF 30, it would take 150 minutes (5 min X 30 = 150)

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