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Because WordPress is an open source software, it’s used all over the world and constantly being updated, upgraded and improved. Your WordPress real estate website will always be current and powered by the latest software and security. When Style Agent creates your real estate website, we’re building on a platform that is used by millions of websites worldwide and is non proprietary to us. This gives you the option to do whatever you like with your website in the future and have other folks (that are familiar with WordPress) be able to work on your website too.

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Brooklyn Truck Accident Lawyers Full Size Truck

STILLWATER — A man is dead after a head-on crash in Columbia County.

It happened just before 3 p.m. Friday.

According to the coroner, William Swisher, 59, of Benton, was driving north on Route 487 in Stillwater borough when his pickup truck hit another pickup head-on.

The coroner says Swisher died on the way to the hospital.

State police are investigating the crash.

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