Commissioned Painting Commission

Candy. Oil on linen, 60 x 50 cm, 2008

Below are examples of portrait paintings I’ve done in the past. Some are portraits by commission, others are portraits of models or friends.
All the portrait paintings shown below are oil on linen and life-size. The gallery can be viewed in fullscreen mode.

Portrait Commissions:

Working on a portrait commission in Florence, Italy.

I do portrait paintings on commission throughout the year.  For the greater part of the portrait I will need to work directly from life. Luckily I paint fast, and my requirements are minimal. I usually require 3 to 10 sittings of 2 hours each, depending on the complexity of the portrait. I feel that working from life gives me a much great accuracy in the likeness and character of my sitter.

YouTube video: commission a portrait painting


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