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As a kid, I’ve always wanted to visit Santa’s Workshop. I imagined it as a place where the world’s toys were made with elves hammering in the wheels to toy trains and a high-tech division making NES cartridges.

If Santa’s workshop were in the Bay Area, it would probably look a lot like Novato-based Toys for Bob. The studio is where the “Skylanders” franchise was created. The developer popularized the toys-to-life genre, and the offices looked like a tropical getaway built inside one of the old hangars of Hamilton Army Airfield.

This is where the team created characters such as Stealth Elf and Ninjini. This year, the developer is gearing up for its ambitious project yet with “Skyalnders Imaginators.” For the first time, the developers are letting players create their own heroes through a robust character creator. I’ve written about the new feature before.

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